Coffee Creamer

Keith and I went to the grocery store the other day to buy coffee creamer.  Every time we check-out, I cringe a little bit because the bottles are so stinkin’ expensive!  So, as soon as we got home, I hopped on the internet and found several ways to make your own coffee creamer. This morning we experimented….As usual, I was skeptical about the result, but I tried it in the coffee I had left in my cup and it was pretty tasty!
Here’s what we did:
I cleaned out one of our previously used coffee creamer containers that we had from the store…you know the brand with the red lids that snap shut.  I took the label off so that it was just a clear bottle with a red top.
Then, I took 1 1/2 cups of milk, 1 small can of sweetened condensed milk, and a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder and mixed em all together (it took a while to whip the cocoa and the milk together).
After I got it into your container, we shook it up very very very very well.  The condensed milk is crazy thick, so it may take ya a few minutes.  Keith likes to turn the bottle upside down and make “tornados” with the liquid inside….whatever floats your boat!
I think ours tasted pretty good, but I’m sure you can experiment with other flavors.  Another idea I found online was an amaretto flavor made with cinnamon and almond extract.  I guess the combinations are pretty much endless, as long as you have an open mind!

2 responses to “Coffee Creamer

  1. I love it! It’s got just the right amount of Patti sass!! I may seriously end up trying this out. Do you think using the bottles flavors (the ones used at Starbucks, etc) would be a good in this recipe or do you think the flavor needs to be more pure?

    • The recipes I found online called for the syrups (like Starbuck’s) but we just didn’t have any on hand so I used Chocolate! I think they should taste pretty good, if not better 🙂 Let me know how it ends up…

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