92 Calorie Pumpkin Muffins

So, I only have 1/2 of a can of pumpkin in my cabinet now. I wanted to use it up before I bought more because I’m trying to keep my cabinets somewhat empty. A few weeks ago when Keith and I were still dieting, I found a healthy recipe on Sparkrecipes.com. it makes 24 pumpkin muffins for 92 calories and only 1.5 grams of fat! I stretched the batter to 30 muffins, so that’s even less than 92 calories per muffin.

Here’s what the recipe tells you to do:
Take 1 15 oz. can of pure pumpkin and mix it with a box of spice cake mix (I used Duncan Hines).   Add 1 cup of water and bake it as the box of cake mix recommends.

Here’s what I did:
Mix the pumpkin and the cake mix.  If it seems like it’s too thick, add a 1/4 of a cup of water at a time….just so it doesn’t get too runny.   🙂

I baked mine in my silicone muffin pan without liners, but I would highly recommend using a metal pan WITH liners.  I think it would be less of a headache getting them out of the oven and onto the cooling rack.

I don’t know if I’ll make these again. They have the consistency of pumpkin pie…my husband would say they have the consistency of baby food.  I salvaged them by adding a good dollop of Nutella to em.  I know that probably blows the calorie count out of the water, but they sure are good with it! 🙂

Yesterday was a dusty morning!


3 responses to “92 Calorie Pumpkin Muffins

  1. These were good and low-cal. Keith is wrong and nit picky =) no baby food here!

  2. I make these all of the time… Do not add the water. Add one egg or the equivelant of that in egg whites. It looks entirely too thick, but when you cool them, they are wonderful. If you do try them again, don’t put water in the mix. And I also make a orange juice based powdered sugar glaze to put over them… I am sure that the nutella tastes better, but the little bit of glaze is somewhat more calorie friendly. Thank you for sharing all your yummy recipes.

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