Chicken Stuffing Casserole

I have been making casseroles for our dinners lately.  Since it’s nearing Thanksgiving, I’ve been trying to use Thanksgiving-type foods.

I found a recipe in one of my cookbooks that called for leftover turkey and stuffing.  Since they didn’t have any turkey at the exchange, I used the chicken breasts that I had in my freezer.

Here’s what I did:
Mix 1 can of cream of chicken with 1 can of cream of chicken and mushroom.  Add in 1 cup of chicken broth, and 2 cups of shredded or diced chicken.  The original recipe instructed you to heat it in a saucepan, but I didn’t do that…

In a separate bowl, mix 1 box of stuffing mix (I used Stove-Top) with 1/2 cup of melted butter (I used 3/4 cup because I LOVE BUTTER!).

Put 1/2 of the stuffing-butter mixture in the baking dish, spread the chicken mixture on top of that, then layer the rest of the stuffing mixture on top.  If you wanted to, I’m sure you could put some cheese on top of that, but I didn’t this time.  Now, the recipe directs you to put it in an 8×8 greased casserole dish, but I put them in the mini foil dishes that I had (to control the portions and to freeze easier).

Once you have everything in the baking dish of your choice, pop it in a 350*F (175*C) oven til it’s bubbly and browned.  Since everything is cooked before it goes into the oven, it doesn’t need to reach any specific temperature, just til it’s warm enough for ya.

One Last Note:  Today is my mom’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! I love you! 🙂


2 responses to “Chicken Stuffing Casserole

  1. First of all, thank you for the birthday wish!! I love you back, SO much….
    And, this recipe looks delicious. I will definitely be making this!

  2. This looks absolutely fantastic.

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