BisQUICK Doughnuts

The movers are coming for our pack out in about 10 days, so I’m trying to squeeze in all my “fun” recipes before they pack up most of my kitchen stuff.

We used our counter-top deep fryer for home made french fries the other night, so we still had all that oil in there that could be used again.  I decided to find a recipe for doughnuts.  Most of the recipes called for yeast and letting the dough rise for several hours, but I didn’t want it to be an all day project so I turned to Bisquick! 🙂

Here’s what I did:
Mix 2 cups of Bisquick, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a dash of allspice and cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 1 egg, and 1/4 cup of milk together in a bowl.  It will turn out to be a VERY VERY sticky ball of dough!  Before you abandon your fork for your hands, I would recommend greasing (or buttering) your hands so the dough doesn’t stick as badly.

Next, turn out your dough onto a floured surface. I will reiterate this once more, the dough is VERY VERY sticky, so make sure there is plenty of flour on it.  I would go so far as to recommend sprinkling your dough with flour before you remove it from the bowl!

Now, the recipe calls for you to knead the dough, but I didn’t do that step and the doughnuts turned out just fine, so if you forget that step don’t panic!

Keith being a cheerful helper.

Cut out doughnut shaped circles with a cookie cutter.  I don’t have any circular cookie cutters, so I used a round tupperware dish for the outside circle, then the removable piece of my blender lid for the little circle!  The doughnuts probably were bigger than the recipe expected but they still tasted the same….

After you get your doughnuts cut out, plop em in the 375*F oil for 30 second on each side.  Then let them drain on paper towels.

The recipe suggested that you shake them in a cinnamon sugar mixture to coat them.  We did that with our little doughnut holes, but Keith opted to spread Nutella on his.

The doughnuts turned out to be a fun recipe for a semi-lazy morning. They definitely tasted like Bisquick, but overall they were pretty darn good! I think we’ll make them again once we get settled in Virginia.


2 responses to “BisQUICK Doughnuts

  1. bloodlovehopeluststeam

    uh! YUMMM!

  2. Well I made them and they turned out very well. I turned them in some glaze and sprinkled what I thought was cinnamon sugar on top. Have you have noticed how much seasoning salt and cinnamon sugar look the same in non identifiable packaging. LOL well sweet and salty is what I got. Would not recommend my version….

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