Slow-Cooker Pot Roast and an update!

I hope I can remember how to do this blogging thing!  It’s been a crazy past couple of months…In February, we had a house-hunting trip to Virginia, returned to Bahrain in the middle of protests, then a week after I was back home the Navy approved voluntary departure and we decided to take them up on it!  SO, I was shuttled back to Virginia and got settled into our wonderful rental house with an air mattress and 2 suitcases.

My mom came out for a week to help me clean and paint the house.  We worked our little behinds off! Here are a few pictures of the house:

So, in order: the laundry room, our kitchen, the master bedroom, our future office, the den (in the process of being put together), and now our backyard.  We have a few extra bedrooms that haven’t been photographed yet…

Now that some of our household goods have been delivered, I have my kitchen stuff and I can cook again! WHOO HOO! 🙂

NOW, onto the pot roast:

I took a small bag of baby carrots and layered them along the bottom of the crock-pot, added some potato chunks, a thinly sliced onion and 3 crushed cloves of garlic.  Next, I added a 2 pound bottom round roast and poured an envelope of onion soup mix over it.  Then, I poured a 1/2 cup of chicken broth over it.  The original recipe called for beef broth, but I prefer chicken broth.

I put the crock-pot to cook for 11.5 hours on low before I headed for bed and woke up to a wonderful smelling kitchen! When I woke up, everything was the same color and didn’t look very photogenic but it sure was tasty!!


3 responses to “Slow-Cooker Pot Roast and an update!

  1. Yum. I’ve never tried putting chicken broth in the crock pot…..sounds really good. 🙂

  2. Jared Fischer

    How is the chicken broth with red meat? Seems interesting enough to try as I do very much prefer chicken broth to beef broth.

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