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My trip to Virginia…

We have had quite a bit of excitement while we have been here in Virginia!  We came thinking we were going to find a rental house in Virginia, but halfway through our first day of driving around with our wonderful realtor, we decided to buy a house….it was a surprise on my part! 🙂

After Keith left to go back home, I planned to stay in Virginia for another week to get papers signed and inspections done on the house we put in an offer for.  That “another week” turned into 2 more weeks….I’m glad that I have been able to stay for an extra week to start the job-hunt, but it does stink being half a world away from the hubby.  I guess that’s just the life of a military wife!

Since I haven’t been cooking lately, I have been taking more pictures so I can post SOMETHING while I’m in Virginia. So, here it goes:

Here’s Keith and I after waiting at the gate for about 5 hours…

Here’s airplane meal #1 (the meat under the veggies
was chicken piccata.  It was good! Keith seemed to
like the dessert too…)

Meal #2 (the chicken was really great, but I didn’t
try the salad dish in the top left.)

Meal #3 (the pasta was pretty good, but
the banana yogurt was not!)

Meal #4 (I really don’t have much to say about
this one….the chips were kinda good. kinda.)

Keith let me have the window seat
on the second leg of the trip.

Our friend, Matt, just happened to be in
the seat in front of Keith!

I think he was tired of me asking to take
his picture!!

Once we got to Virginia, I loved just driving around….

Here’s the road (it’s a sidewalk, actually) that
we had to drive on to get in and out of
our neighborhood a couple of times.

And here’s a highway in Virginia. BIG difference!

Although, it was very cold for these Texans!

The house we’re buying is in a great, very established neighborhood and we are really looking forward to move!

Here’s our front yard….

and here’s the front of the house.

I’m super excited to move into my new kitchen!

And since Keith has gone back home,
I’ve kinda taken over the hotel bed!


I know this is a food blog, but I really haven’t done much cooking (Hamburger Helper is on the menu for tonight!) and I feel a little funny taking pictures of my food while I’m sitting alone in a restaurant!  But I’ve really enjoyed being able to eat out at so many restaurants.